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Team Montana

Montana Hobbs, BCBA
Assistant Director | Supervisor

Montana is a 2013 graduate of University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family, Youth and Community Sciences. While working as a behavior therapist, she completed a master's degree in Exceptional Student Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavioral Analysis. In 2015, after completing her degree program, Montana received her Board Certified Behavioral Analyst Certification.

"I love getting to watch the small every day trials and successes turn into BIG successes for our families. It's hearing on eof my clients say my name or tell a parent they love them for the first time. It's when our parents are able to have a bit of normalcy taking their kid out to a restaurant or to the movies for a family outing because of behavior changes we are working towards in the clinic. The look on a kiddos face when they work hard and learn something new. THAT'S why I've never dreaded coming to work in my 7 years at ECAC." - Montana H.

Adrianna Berrios
Registered Behavior Technician 

"One of my favorite things is when I’ve been working really hard with a kid on learning a new skill (like saying “go” for the first time), and they finally master it. It’s like you can see the moment everything clicks into place and you’re just so excited because you were able to help with that small part of their life. Little moments like that make me love coming to work everyday!" - Adrianna

Patrick Mills, BCBA
Transition to Work Supervisor 

Baylee Estep
Lead Therapist 

"I love ECAC because the work environment is extremely positive! It's so refreshing to come to work every day and see the stafff demonstrate so much passion for our awesome clients and the field of ABA." - Baylee

Chad Martin
Hammerheads Teacher | Safety Coordinator

"I love working at ECAC because ECAC is full of love that is on full display from the second you walk into the building and it is on full display all day with every staff member and kid. The moment a kid masters a goal or learns a new skill the room explodes with happiness." -Chad

Amanda Reeves
Hammerheads Teacher Assistant

Michelle Best
Narwhals Teacher

"My "why" is that I have an unconditional love for these kiddos. I love to see them grow, and love watching how they learn and adapt. However, they also teach me new things daily." -Michelle

Daniele Myers
Narwhals Teacher

"I love working at ECAC because I've never felt like I have had to pick between family or work. I have received nothing but support from fellow coworkers and management when it comes to work-life balance. Since my time at ECAC, I've had a roller coaster of things happen personally, and having that support is something I will forever be grateful for!" -Daniele 

Makayla Whitten
Registered Behavior Technician

"I love ECAC because not only is it a positive work environment from staff but it’s also a positive and fun environment with the kids! You learn so much from these kids and it’s very rewarding to be apart of each clients life here at ECAC! Everyone is encouraging, positive, and has a real passion for these amazing kiddos and our field of ABA." - Makayla

Jenna Jones